Feeding Fun Night

A few years ago Jennifer got together a group of close friends for a night of food, fun and talking shop with other therapists. The first night was called “Nipple Night” (insert your own jokes here) where they sat around and analyzed and critiqued a number of different bottle nipples for flow rate, shape, ease of use and so forth.

That first Nipple Night developed into “Feeding Fun Night” where several different topics related to dysphagia have been kicked around between friends.

With the creation of CEU-Espresso.com and the work we are putting into getting CEU’s for our courses, we will be expanding Feeding Fun Night into a full-blown webcast which will include one contact hour of Continuing Education credit for participants! Right now we can offer TSHA (Texas Speech-Langugage Hearing Association) CEU’s and at some point in the future, ASHA CEU’s will be available for these events.

So, here’s the deal: If you are a fan of Jennifer’s teaching, we would like to invite you to the next “Feeding Fun Night” which will be webcast from a restaurant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Saturday, May 18. More details to follow, but for those who attend in person we expect to charge a fairly typical price of $20 or $30 for one CEU contact hour and you’ll get a free meal at a nice restaurant!

Our topic, “In The Thick Of It”, will be about the current changes in thickening practices and the pros and cons and need for thickening.

Registration to attend in-person will, of course, be limited by the restaurant. We will be webcasting the night, though, and those attending via the web will also get TSHA CEU’s for attending and filling out our evaluation form and passing the short little quiz. If you don’t need continuing education credit, we don’t feel right about charging anything for it so you can join us for free! (Actually, if you register for the webcast before our IT guy figures out the online payment stuff, you can ALSO attend for free and still get the CEUs.) If you want to attend in person just indicate that in the little survey we have on the registration form and we’ll email you when the payment system is up so you can register for that.

Oops, almost forgot the sweet surprise. The cost to receive your TSHA CEUs for attending the webcast will normally be $10 but for this first night we are dropping it to $5!

Hope to see you there!


The good news is our IT guy figured out the payment system so now you can register and buy tickets to attend in person!

The bad news is our IT guy figured out the payment system so now you can register and buy tickets to attend the webcast!

Another Update:

We’ve decided that we can’t cover it all in only one contact hour so we are bumping it up to 1.5 contact hours for no extra charge!

One More Update:

We’ve booked the restaurant! The next Feeding Fun Night will be May 18 at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Denton. Giuseppe’s was voted “Best Italian Restaurant” and “Best Fine Dining Restaurant” in Denton for 2012! So join us in Denton for a night of great food, great fun and great teaching!